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Why ITAR Matters to All Our MEMS Foundry Customers

By April 4, 2017September 5th, 2021Blog
International Traffic in Arms Regulations Communication abstract background

ITAR Ensures Secure IP and Safeguards Sensitive Material

By: Jessica Gomez

At Rogue Valley Microdevices, we work with several customers that have technology that they must legally protect and ensure that it will remain in the U.S. Whether they supply that technology to the military, to defense contractors, or even to space programs, their requirements are governed by the State Department’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

International Traffic in Arms Regulations Communication abstract background

To comply, not only must our customers have their own processes and facilities regulated under ITAR, their suppliers must also be ITAR-registered. Rogue Valley Microdevices is proud to have that designation. ITAR requires that entities dealing with ITAR-regulated technology have stringent policies and well-formed systems surrounding such things as:

  • Personnel restrictions
  • Restrictive project management
  • Secure environment

ITAR-Registered MEMS Foundry

Rogue Valley Microdevices has taken a series of steps to comply with State Department requirements, ensuring that strict security measures exist that prevent unauthorized access to classified ITAR-based projects and information. From anti-tampering measures, providing secure and regulated facilities, as well as implementing a chain of custody, our company has all elements in place to provide the environment that you need in an ITAR-registered MEMS foundry.

ITAR logo

Whether you are currently working on defense, military or space-related projects or will do so in the future — or even if your products are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum — you will benefit from our ITAR registration. The securing of all intellectual property and the safeguarding of sensitive material is important to us.

At Rogue Valley Microdevices, our goal is to have all of our customers be confident in not only our foundry-based expertise but also in our commitment to how we do business. We continually expand our existing services and capabilities that not only provide what our customers need today, but what you may need in the future.

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