MEMS Foundry Overview

mems wafersMEMS technology is rapidly becoming a technology we cannot live without. MEMS devices are dominating the market and enabling new innovative technology products. From the MEMS pressure sensors used in modern automotive manufacturing to the accelerometers found in your cell phone, there is no doubt that MEMS are going to be a big part of our future and Rogue Valley Microdevices is ready.

Specializing in MEMS and Biomedical Device fabrication, Rogue Valley Microdevices is a full service MEMS foundry that combines state-of-the-art process modules with the engineering expertise to seamlessly go from custom design to device manufacturing.

In-House Front-End MEMS Processing

All front-end processing is performed in-house and under the supervision of our experienced process engineering team. With an extensive list of process capabilities, our MEMS Foundry eliminates the need for customers to use multiple suppliers. Maintaining all MEMS process capabilities in-house enables us to decrease manufacturing lead-times while improving device yield and performance. We strive to provide you with Superior Quality and Customer Service.

Rogue Valley Microdevices MEMS Foundry Offers:

  • Photo Mask Layout
  • Device fabrication on Sapphire, Quartz and Ceramic
  • MEMS fabrication on CMOS Wafers
  • Suspended membrane fabrication
  • Front to back alignment
  • I-Line stepper lithography
  • Photoresist spray coat
  • Precious metal deposition and patterning
  • Multi-layer metal films including Au/Sn solder
  • Reactively sputtered dielectric and resistive materials
  • LPCVD and PECVD Dielectric film deposition
  • KOH and TMAH Silicon Etch
  • Metal liftoff processing
  • Polyimide Processing