Thin Films – Dielectric & Metal

To build a sturdy house, you need a strong foundation. To build a high-functioning, repeatable MEMS device, you need the right thin film.

As one of the world’s largest, most diverse thin-film foundries, we offer dielectric and conductive films on a variety of wafer diameters, available to you as blanket single film or a multi-film stack. We also work with copper, gold, platinum, silver, and other metals that most foundries can’t touch. Whether you’re using thin films for tool break-in, process test, or device building blocks, we have you covered.

Silicon Nitride

Nitride is one of our most versatile films. Use it to build MEMS devices or as a tool for defining active regions during field oxidation.

LPCVD Silicon Nitride
PECVD Silicon Nitride

Silicon Oxide

Building MEMS on silicon? Consider silicon oxide as your primary passivation layer. It lets you build MEMS devices with silicon, which is much more temperature-friendly than glass substrates.

Thermal Oxide
E-Beam Oxide


We offer LPCVD Undoped Polysilicon thin films at two different temperatures, giving you the flexibility to have a thicker film if you need it.

620C LPCVD Undoped Polysilicon
580C LPCVD Undoped Polysilicon


Metal thin films are essential components in device building. We offer two different deposition types, freeing our engineers to develop and optimize your process to meet your specific requirements.

PVD Sputter Metals
E-Beam Evaporation Metals

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