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MEMS Foundry & Wafer Services

Technology commercialization and product development can be a long and arduous process. And if you’re competing in the fast-growing world of MEMS, the move from R&D to pilot production presents a number of challenges.

Having a trusted partner that values open dialog and collaboration — and specializes in customized process development and device manufacturing — will get you over the hurdles and on the road to smoother production.

We offer full Device Fabrication and Design services along with a variety of individual processes to support our growing network of satisfied customers.

Our MEMS Foundry Capabilities include:

  • Metal Lift Off
  • Front to Back Alignment
  • Photoresist Spray Coat
  • Wet and Dry Etch
  • Low Stress LPCVD Nitride
  • LPCVD Undoped Polysilicon
  • PECVD Oxide
  • PECVD Carbon Doped Oxide
  • PECVD Nitride
  • Wet and Dry Thermal Oxidation
  • N2/H2 Annealing
  • Variety of PVD Metal Films.

MEMS Device Fabrication

With over 50 years combined experience in MEMS fabrication and MEMS design our engineering team can quickly develop a turn key process for your most innovative MEMS product line. Rogue Valley Microdevices maintains a wide selection of thin films along with fully developed MEMS process modules that enable full device fabrication to be performed in-house. Having the capability to offer a more complete solution helps increase productivity, and enhances communication between our engineering team and yours. This unique approach helps to reduce cost, shorten process lead-time and increase your bottom line.
MEMS Device Fabrication.

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Wafer Services

We are big in wafer services. With a selection of over fifty dielectric and conductive thin films, Rogue Valley Microdevices maintains the broadest and most comprehensive set of wafer services commercially available. All services including LPCVD nitride deposition are performed in our own class 100 cleanroom under the supervision of an experience engineering team. Our wafer fabrication facility has the capacity to handle high-volume manufacturing but is flexible enough to accommodate your most sensitive processing needs.
Wafer Services.

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About Us

Rogue Valley Microdevices is dedicated to providing high quality manufacturing and engineering services of silicon wafers at an affordable price. We believe in our ability to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, price, and delivery. We supply services to customers with a wide variety of applications, including semiconductor, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and MEMS. About Rogue Valley Microdevices.

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