Employees Who Cannot Work From Home

Oregon Business interviews Jessica Gomez, CEO of Rogue Valley Microdevices, a MEMS and Silicon Wafers tech manufacturer, on concerns regarding the potential difficulty to recruit employees who cannot work from home. As the head of a manufacturer, the shift to remote work has been more challenging to manage for Jessica Gomez, CEO of Rogue Valley […]

Biosensors May Hold the Key to Mass Coronavirus Testing

Developing chips that signal the presence of the coronavirus RNA, antibodies, and antigens Imagine…you prick your finger or swab your nose and dab a tiny sample of the fluid onto a semiconductor chip. Slot that chip into an inexpensive, handheld reader and, within a minute or so, its small screen displays a list of results—you […]

What Is It Like to Be a MEMS Foundry CEO Amid Covid-19?

As Covid-19 imposes strict measures and urges people to change their work and life routines, it’s important to understand how executives are adapting to these unprecedented circumstances. EE Times Europe spoke to Jessica Gomez, cofounder and CEO of Rogue Valley Microdevices Inc. (Medford, Ore.), to discover what she has implemented to maintain or even expand […]

MEMS Used For Developing COVID-19 Testing Devices

Rogue Valley Microdevices Working on Projects Related to Coronavirus Testing Rogue Valley Microdevices, which has been in the valley since 2004, specializes in biomedical device manufacturing and microelectromechanical system or MEMS. The company works with a variety of businesses to develop manufacturing methods for MEMS and refine them so they are unique and created for […]