MEMS Used For Developing COVID-19 Testing Devices

Rogue Valley Microdevices Working on Projects Related to Coronavirus Testing

Rogue Valley Microdevices, which has been in the valley since 2004, specializes in biomedical device manufacturing and microelectromechanical system or MEMS. The company works with a variety of businesses to develop manufacturing methods for MEMS and refine them so they are unique and created for each company’s product.

MEMS Products Used to Develop New Hand-held Coronavirus Testing Devices

Our customers and partners are taking their platform technology and adapting it to create these new COVID-19 tests.

For example, Hememics Technology, has released information about the development of a hand-held testing device that can be used out in the field.

COVID-19 Testing Devices Process

“They put the blood sample on a little cartridge which has the chip that we manufacture inside of it and it goes into the machine and then you get a positive or negative test within about 60 seconds,” said Gomez.

Jessica Gomez, CEO and founder of Rogue Valley Microdevices

Timeline and New Developments

Several more projects are in the works but the FDA must approve them all before they can be released for use in the public. A decision is expected this summer.

Rogue Valley Microdevices has also recently partnered with Cardean, the biology-gated transistor infrastructure that directly links biology to digital networks.

Note: edited from original article published here.

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