With over fifty unique dielectric and conductive thin films, Rogue Valley Microdevices maintains the broadest and most comprehensive set of wafer services commercially available. All services including LPCVD nitride deposition are performed in our own class 100 cleanroom under the supervision of an experience engineering team. Our wafer fabrication facility has the capacity to handle high-volume manufacturing but is flexible enough to accommodate your most sensitive processing needs. Services are available for both silicon wafers and non-standard wafer materials such as quartz, sapphire, and aluminum nitride. Processing can be performed on customer supplied material or wafers can be purchased along with any service of your choice.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality wafers services our customers can count on. With Rogue Valley Microdevices as your partner, you can rest assure that you are receiving the very best in service and engineering.

LPCVD Film Deposition


  • Standard Nitride
  • Low Stress Nitride
  • Undoped Polysilicon

Thermal Processing

  • Wet Thermal Oxide
  • Dry Thermal Oxide
  • Dry Chlorinated Thermal oxide
  • Thermal Annealing

Conductive Film deposition

  • E-Beam Evaporation
  • Sputter Metal Deposition
PECVD Deposition


  • Standard Oxide
  • Slow deposition Oxide
  • OxyNitride with custom refractive index
  • Standard Nitride
  • Low Stress Nitride

Etch Services

  • Wet metal Etch
  • Wet Silicon Etch (KOH and TMAH)
  • Dry Silicon Etch
  • Dry Oxide Etch
  • Polyimide Etch
  • Tantalum nitride Etch
Spin and Spray Coat Services


  • Spray Coat AZ Photoresist
  • Spin Coat AZ Photoresist
  • Polyimide Spin coat


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