Wet Thermal Oxide – 2,000Å / Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride – 2,000Å


Film TypeWet Thermal Oxide / Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride
Film ThicknessWTO - 2,000Å / SiN - 2,000Å +/- 5%
Lot Size25 wafers

Product ID: PRD1027

Material: Silicon
Diameter: 100mm DSP
Type/Dopant: P/Boron
Orientation: <100>
Resistivity: >1 ohm-cm
Substrate Thickness: 525 +/-25μm
Surface Condition: Double Side Polished
Flat/Notch: 2 Semi-std
Film Thickness: WTO - 2,000Å / SiN - 2,000Å +/- 5%
Film Type: Wet Thermal Oxide / Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride
Lot Size: 25 wafers
This product consists of 25 pieces of silicon wafers with Wet Thermal Oxide - 2,000Å / Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride - 2,000Å. It is a 2-layer film stack.
2-layer film stack. Wet Thermal Oxide is grown followed by Stoichiomtetric LPCVD Nitride deposition. Substrates are cleaned prior to processing in our class 100 cleanroom to ensure a premiμm quality film. This is a furnace process so both surfaces of the wafers will have oxide. Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride film stress =>800 MPa Tensile and Refractive Index 2.00 +/- 0.05 @ 632.8nm. Product to ship with film Certificate of Conformance. Need something different? Please email sales@roguevalleymicro.com for a quote.
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