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SEMI Pacific Northwest’s “World of Sensors” Comes to Greater Portland, OR

By October 20, 2016July 5th, 2021Blog

The World of Sensors” is coming to SEMI Pacific Northwest Chapter on October 28th, and I am really looking forward to it.

It’s not just that the name reminds me of Disneyland’s “World of Color,” a spectacular nighttime show in which Disney uses high-definition projectors to project stunning images on mist, thoroughly wowing park guests. It’s because SEMI Pacific Northwest has assembled a list of engaging speakers from established and emerging companies – as well as from R&D – all of whom are paving the way forward for sensors.

SEMI Pacific Northwest’s intimate breakfast event will give SEMI members and non-members the chance to hear from – and rub elbows with — speakers from companies such as ON Semiconductor, Mentor Graphics (which is hosting the event), PricewaterhouseCoopers, PwC, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

You will also have the opportunity to meet Skip Rung. Skip is the founder, president and executive director of Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI), Oregon’s first signature research center, representing an unprecedented collaboration among Oregon’s research universities and the private sector. ONAMI’s mission is to accelerate research and commercialize technology via startup and spinout companies in order to extend the success of Oregon’s “Silicon Forest” technology cluster.

I will join this group of technology thought leaders, to explore how MEMS sensors have changed the ways that we interact with electronic devices. From smarter cars and smartphones to wearables/hearables, medical devices, and Internet of Things products, accelerometers, gyros, pressure sensors, and MEMS microphones are shipping by the hundreds of millions. As our demand for ever-more interactive and intelligent electronic devices grows, the future of new MEMS sensors grows with it—but challenges remain to realize this growth potential. I will discuss how the MEMS manufacturing industry is proactively preparing for the predicted surge in both volume and type of MEMS sensors.

So while we may not have the projectors, the mist or, alas, the Disney princesses and villains at World of Sensors, we will have a group of inspiring speakers who will share their vision of the future of sensors and the impact that it may have on the overall semiconductor marketplace.

To register or request more information, visit: