Rogue Valley Microdevices MEMS Research & Development (R&D)

MEMS Research & Development (R&D)

We Are Not Too Big for Small R&D Projects

MEMS Development & Research

Although many product companies are finding the fabless model to be more cost-effective, there are still some that prefer to manufacture their microdevices in-house. These companies can find it difficult to support their Research and Development teams while maintaining a rigorous fab production schedule.

In addition, product development teams may be exploring the use of materials that are not internally available or compatible with their current equipment set. There is often a need to prove the technology worthy before a large investment can be made.

MEMS R&D Processing Transparency

Rogue Valley Microdevices has extensive experience working with MEMS Research and Development teams. For customer-specific projects, we offer complete process transparency, even fully documented process parameters if needed. We can even give you the opportunity to observe the process steps in our facility once they have been fully developed.

Our MEMS Foundry is a combination of flexible equipment and finely tuned individual processes modules, enabling our engineers to move quickly through the process development phase. Our goal is to minimize process development time, keeping your cost and lead-time to a minimum. We have extensive manufacturing experience and understand how important it is to develop a robust and repeatable process.

MEMS Research & Development Advantages

  • Flexible equipment set
  • Smaller batch sizes
  • Creative and experienced engineers
  • Ability to work with non-standard materials
  • Great customer service
  • Willing to provide data