About Rogue Valley Microdeviceslow stress pcvd nitride wafers

Founded in 2003 and based in Medford, Oregon, Rogue Valley Microdevices maintains a MEMS Devices foundry. We support our customers from early R&D through pilot production.

We are a full-service MEMS foundry, combining state-of-the-art process modules with the engineering expertise to go seamlessly from custom design to manufacturing.

Company Core Values:

As a company, our core values keep us true to our ultimate purpose, which is to use technology as a tool to improve the quality of life for all people around the world.

    1. Tenacity  – What separates us from those who do not reach their goals.
    2. Teamwork – How we accomplish greatness.
    3. Humility – A virtue that enables us to be compassionate and understanding of others.
    4. Quality – We are proud of what we do.
    5. Integrity – The reason we are trusted.


We understand that a good foundry relationship is essential to our customers’ success. We engage in open dialog with our customers, prioritizing your needs and goals every step of the way. In practical terms, if you are content with your existing supply chain, we honor and support your existing relationships.

MEMS manufacturing processes are unique to each customer but that is no reason to get proprietary. We share engineering-level data with our customers, freeing you to bring up a process at Rogue Valley Microdevices that you will later use for high-volume production at a larger fab.

What’s more, Rogue Valley Microdevices is truly a MEMS fab. We have gold and platinum as part of our normal processing — without the many restrictions that most other fabs place on their use.

Pre-Processed Silicon Wafer Online Inventory

Beyond our MEMS fab, we also maintain a comprehensive inventory of pre-processed, ready-to-ship wafers via our online wafer store — with over 50 unique dielectric and conductive thin films and all services performed in our own class 100 cleanroom.

We’re dedicated to providing high-quality manufacturing and engineering services for a wide variety of applications, including semiconductor, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and MEMS.

High-Volume Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Capabilities

Additionally, our wafer fabrication facility has the capacity to handle high-volume manufacturing but is flexible enough to accommodate your most sensitive processing needs. Services are available for both silicon wafers and non-standard wafer materials such as quartz, sapphire and aluminum nitride. Processing can be performed on customer-supplied material or wafers can be purchased along with any service of your choice.