Empowering Healthcare Communities with Accessible Cancer Diagnostics

The proliferation of new cancer drugs and changes in the delivery of cancer care in the past decade has brought significant complexity to cancer treatment pathways. At the same time, we have seen limited progress in the development of diagnostic tests capable of meeting the challenges presented by these new treatment paradigms.platform for cancer diagnostics

Biological Dynamics is an innovative diagnostic company committed to improving global cancer outcomes by empowering healthcare communities with accessible cancer diagnostics. The company is developing a portfolio of novel oncology products designed to enable early detection and individualized monitoring of cancer across multiple care settings.

“The ability to directly access critical biomarkers is extremely valuable and an exceptionally complex process to achieve, which makes find the right device-manufacturing partner critical.

Rogue Valley Microdevices worked with Biological Dynamics to develop a tightly controlled manufacturing process required for our micro-electrode array-based technologies that are being developed for diagnostic use. We were impressed by the Rogue Valley’s team dedication to customer service, technology expertise, and flexibility.”

Raj Krishnan, Ph.D., founder and CEO, Biological Dynamics

Manufacturing Platform for Cancer Diagnostics

Developing Novel Oncology Products Enabling Early Detection

The platform is designed to deliver a simple sample-to-answer workflow for isolation and detection of macromolecular targets (e.g., cell-free DNA, exosomes and proteins) from biological fluids by interacting with nanoparticles via an advanced electrical interface. The innovative approach of Biological Dynamics’ technology resulted in the additional challenge of developing unique and complex manufacturing processes.

The company needed a vendor with a deep understanding of surface science and the experience to work around fabrication tolerances. Another vital requirement was adherence to Biological Dynamics’ Six Sigma approach for continuous improvement of the company’s devices.

Cancer Diagnostics “Lab-on-a-Chip” Platform

Biological Dynamics’ unique and proprietary “lab-on-a-chip” platform directly isolates cell-free nanoparticles and macromolecules from whole blood, serum, or plasma without the need for pre-processing samples. Rogue Valley Microdevices manufactures the sensing devices embedded in Biological Dynamics’ technology platform for the isolation of exosomes, DNA, and RNA.

“Biological Dynamics’ technology has the potential to dramatically advance the ways in which the healthcare industry assesses cancerous tumors. Providing a technology platform that is easy to use and accessible will help democratize the diagnostic process, removing the established barriers to gaining potentially life-saving or life-enhancing information.

We are delighted to partner with Biological Dynamics in manufacturing the sensing device that is essential to their molecular diagnostic platform and look forward to supporting them as they further develop and commercialize their platform.”

Jessica Gomez, Founder and CEO, Rogue Valley Microdevices

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