PECVD Oxide Deposition Films

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Our PECVD oxide is a single sided film that has been optimized for wafers requiring minimal thermal processing, and is often used during the semiconductor manufacturing process to form intra-metal dielectric stacks. PECVD oxide is also used in MEMS and surface micro-machining processes. Our PECVD oxide films offer you greater process flexibility and can be combined with many of our other films including PECVD nitride LPCVD nitride, and PVD metals.
Pecvd Oxide -001


  • Thickness range: 100Å – 3µm
  • Thickness tolerance: +/-7%
  • Within wafer uniformity: +/-7% or better
  • Wafer to wafer uniformity: +/-7% or better
  • Sides processed: One
  • Refractive index: 1.456 (Standard), 1.5+/-.02 (Carbon doped)
  • Film stress: -400MPa (Compressive)
  • Wafer size: 50mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm
  • Wafer thickness: 100µm – 2,000µm
  • Wafer material: Silicon, Silicon on Insulator, Quartz
  • Temperature: 300C° – 400C°
  • Gases: Silane, Nitrous oxide
  • Equipment: PlasmaTherm batch PECVD deposition tool