The Internet Of Messy Things

By July 7, 2015December 15th, 2020In the News
Internet of Things (IoT)

What are the implications for the Internet of Things (IoT) when the “Things” are human beings?

As was said in a recent New Yorker piece on exploring Mars, “… humans are the wrong stuff. They shouldn’t even be trying to get to another planet. Not only are they fragile, demanding, and expensive to ship; they’re a mess.”

Beyond that, we humans are unreliable; we sometimes don’t take our medicine as prescribed (a leading cause of hospital readmissions), we often don’t follow the instructions, and we don’t always take well to direction.

We play our music too loud, we stay up too late, we don’t always watch what we eat, and we keep missing our workouts.

It may be the IoT when considered from a distance in some cold, dispassionate way, but with human beings involved, it’ll most surely be an Internet of Messy Things – the IoMT.

Why the Sensor Explosion Needs Technology Design

Enter Gadi Amit, NewDealDesign (“We mix brains, bravery and magic to make people smile”), on the topic of Why the Sensor Explosion Needs Technology Design, which was the Day 2 Keynote at Sensors Expo 2015 (the 30th!) last week in Long Beach, CA.

Listen to Gadi speak and you will look at the IoT, and wearables, in a completely new way – from the humanistic values perspective.

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