PRD1006 – 100mm Silicon Wafers 3,000A Dry Chlorinated Thermal Oxide & Forming Gas Anneal


Product ID: PRD1006
Substrate: Silicon Wafers
Diameter: 100mm
Type/Dopant: P/Boron
Orientation: <100>
Resistivity: .003 – .005 Ohm-cm
Thickness: 525 +/- 25um
Front Side: Polished
Back Side: Etched
Film: 3000A +/- 5% Dry Chlorinated Thermal Oxide with Forming Gas Anneal

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This product consist of 100mm silicon wafers with 3,000A Dry Chlorinated Thermal Oxide and Forming Gas Anneal.

Our Dry Chlorinated Thermal Oxidation is recommended for use in MOS and other active device fabrication processes.  Using Dry Chlorinated Thermal Oxide can help your devices to perform to its highest potential by eliminating metal ions.  The addition of a Forming Gas Anneal after oxidation is to passivate dangling bonds.  Dangling bonds at the silicon interface can have an effect on the insulating properties of your oxide. All orders are sent with a Certificate of Conformance containing wafer specifications and Thermal Oxide film thickness data.

Dry Chlorinated Thermal Oxidation Parameters

Thickness 2,850Å – 3,150Å
Thickness Tolerance 3000Å+/-5%
Sides Processed Both
Film Stress -320MPa +/-50MPa (Compressive)
Wafer Thickness Semi – Std.  Thickness
Wafer Material Silicon
Gases Oxygen
Chemical Vapor TransLC (Chlorine Source)
Equipment Horizontal Furnace

Forming Gas Anneal

Sides Processed Both
Wafer Thickness Semi – Std. Thickness
Wafer Material Silicon
Temperature ~450C
Process Time ~1 hour
Gases Hydrogen 4%/ Nitrogen 96%
Equipment Horizontal Furnace

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