100mm Silicon Wafers 2,000A Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride


Product ID: PRD1021
Substrate: Silicon Wafers
Diameter: 100mm
Type/Dopant: P/Boron
Orientation: <100>
Resistivity: 1-20 Ohm-cm
Thickness: 525 +/- 25um
Front Side: Polished
Back Side: Etched
Film: 2,000A +/- 5% Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride
**1 Lot = 25 wafers

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This product consist of 100mm silicon wafers with 2,000A of Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride.

Our Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride can be a very effective insulator and works great as a KOH etch mask when deposited over thermal oxide. This versatile film can be used for building MEMS devices or as a tool for defining active regions during field oxidation. As with all of our films, we have worked hard to develop a stable and consistent Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride process that can be used for many applications.

  Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride Parameters

Thickness 1,900Å – 2,100Å
Thickness Tolerance 2,000Å +/-5%
Sides Pressed Both
Refractive Index 2.00 +/-.05 @632nm
Film Stress >800MPa Tensile Stress
Wafer Thickness Std. Thickness
Wafer Material Silicon
Temperature 800C°
Gasses Dichlorosilane, Ammonia
Equipment Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

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