Deep Reactive Ion Etching for MEMS

Etch processes used in MEMS fabrication depend largely on the substrate material and thin films used in building the device. Both wet and dry chemistries may have the desired effect on the targeted material but can often cause unintended damage to underlying layers or other areas of the device.

Because of material sensitivities, determining what type of etch will yield the best results must be carefully planned. In some cases selecting one type of etch over another can increase throughput and provide a cost advantage. A KOH or TMAH wet etch can sometimes provide an alternative to costly dry etch processing.

Rogue Valley Microdevices has a variety of wet and dry etch process options to choose from and will optimize your device fabrication process to yield a high quality product that is manufacturable at a competitive price.

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Wet Etch

  • Oxide
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum Silicon
  • Chromium
  • Gold
  • Silicon (KOH and TMAH)
  • Wafer Sizes 50mm through 200mm

Dry Etch

  • Silicon
  • Oxide
  • Nitride
  • Tantalum Nitride
  • Polyimide
  • Wafer Sizes 50mm through 200mm


  • Ion Milling (Sputter Etch)
  • Wafer Sizes 50mm through 300mm

ETCH-2ETCH MEMS Fabrication