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EDN Highlights Birth and Growth of Rogue Valley Microdevices

By March 14, 2017May 30th, 2021Blog

By Jessica Gomez, Rogue Valley Microdevices

We’re more than thrilled with a recent article written by Steve Taranovich of EDN, Rogue Valley Microdevices: The birth and growth of a unique MEMS Foundry. Taranovich captures both the genesis of Rogue Valley Microdevices, as well as what makes us unique, including the corporate culture that accounts for our success.

We rely on offering the most comprehensive services available from a MEMS foundry, spanning early R&D through pilot production, as well as full production. What Taranovich aptly grasps, however, is how focused we are on identifying the services and processes — as well as garnering the equipment — that lead to our customers’ success, while fueling our own consistent growth.

Taranovich is correct that while we do substantial work in the biomedical space, our customers run the gamut of industries. We also believe in the value of our customers offloading specific process steps (or even one step)—something larger fabs typically won’t bother with.

Just as Taranovich is expert at capturing the essence of MEMS manufacturing and the processes it involves — and making it seem simple in the telling.  — Rogue Valley Microdevices operates in the same way. We take a complex challenge, apply existing and even new rules governing new product creation, offer our vast expertise in materials and processes (such as LPCVD nitride deposition), and develop and deliver exactly what are customers require for their products.

Of course, we wouldn’t be successful currently, or expect to maintain our success and growth in the future without solid goals and a well-defined roadmap, the essence of which Taranovich also spells out.

Great job, Steve! We are very grateful for your help in highlighting our commitment to our industry and to our customers.

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