DRIE For MEMS Device Fabrication

Rogue Valley Microdevices has just added another key capability to our MEMS fabrication portfolio. With the addition of our SPTS 200mm Pegasus ASE DRIE, we now offer Deep Reactive Ion Etch (DRIE), a technique used in advanced MEMS device fabrication.

DRIE provides anisotropic selective silicon etching and is the only way to provide fast, high-aspect ratio silicon micro-machining with precise feature definition and etch profile control. The result is very deep cavity and trench etches with steep, clean sidewalls.

DRIE is an exciting addition to our processing because it supports fabrication of a broader range of MEMS devices, as well as potential improvements to existing processes and customer designs. For MEMS applications that require silicon micro-machining, Rogue Valley Microdevices is now able to offer that service to the growing MEMS industry.

Precision Silicon Etching

Customers using our DRIE process can expect the process to deliver precision silicon etching with a wide range of capabilities.

These include:

  • High aspect ratio etching
  • Good selectivity to masking material
  • Precise profile and sidewall control
  • Good etch rate uniformity
  • Very fast silicon etch rate

Rogue Valley Microdevices also supports etching across a range of wafer sizes, including 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm wafers. We support specific customer applications such as TSV, SOI, WLP, and microfluidics, and that is just the beginning. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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